We will never be silent.

Declaration Peace Conference June 2023

„International Summit for Peace in Ukraine” wanted to seek ways out of the war. The conference should have taken place in Vienna, at the headquarters of the trade Union ÖGB. It didn’t come to that because of a bomb alarm.

It was an experience! Against all odds, the conference took place in a spare room with 400 people (+200 online) from all continents. They could discuss with each other and encourage each other in their peace efforts. Attached please find the declaration in German.

Luisa Sello

Antidotes to destruction are not cheap

The author is part of the coordination team of DIALOP. She recalls the position of Pope Francis on the Ukraine war, and underlines a common responsibility, also for those merely looking at the war.

A great internationalist movement for peace

In this article of Prof. José Manuel Pureza (university Coimbra) the author describes the need of a great internationalist peace movement. This sums up the lecture given by Pureza on “War, imperialisms and challenges of peace” that took place in Lisbon on March 11th 2023 with the support of transform!europe.

Portuguese version in https://www.esquerda.net/opiniao/um-grande-movimento-internacionalista-pela-paz/85566

Peace is our victory

On February 23rd 2023 the meeting of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe took place in Vienna. During the OSCE session, representatives of the Austrian peace movement gather at the Vienna Hofburg and project their demand for peace in Russian, Ukrainian, English and German on the façade of the building complex where the delegates meet: “Peace is our victory”.

Beschluss der pax christi

Beschluss der pax christi pax christi – Internationale Katholische Friedensbewegung – Deutsche Sektion -Delegiertenversammlung am 23.10.2022 in Fulda

New publication:

Palaver, Wolfgang (2022): “Der Ukrainekrieg als Herausforderung kirchlicher Friedensethik”, in: Theologisch-praktische Quartalschrift 170 (4): 395-403.

Petition to stop fighting in Ukraine

A petition was launched by DIALOP with over 650 signees to request a ceasefire on Christmas 2022 and the beginning of negotiations. The petition was sent a week before Christmas to both embassies in Vienna: the Ukrainian and the Russian.

Sign the petition online here

6th December – Im Krieg den Frieden vorbereiten

Ein Gastbeitrag in der Berliner Zeitung vom Dienstag 6.12.2022 vom Prof. Michael Brie, Vorsitzenden des wissenschaftlichen Beirats der  Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung und des scientific board of DIALOP

June 21st – Ceasefire first!

During the research seminar of DIALOP from 20th to 22nd of June the  Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (HINW22Vienna) took place in Vienna.

The researcher group deliberated in those days a document with the request of an immediate ceasefire between the belligerent parties. Pls. find and spread the text.

The war in Ukraine reached in the meantime the mark of 100 days and the toll of ten thousands of lives. And it keeps going on savagely. We cannot get used to it. In this column you will find the manyfold appeals to peace of different friends and associations linked to DIALOP beginning from March 2nd 2022.

12th June: Friedensbrief von Marlene Streeruwitz und Walter Baier

Der Brief ist am 12.6.2022 im PROFIL erschienen.


Sign on / Unterschreiben Sie unter https://www.friedensbrief.at/

7th June: Reaching a Just and Lasting Peace in Ukraine, Statement by Participants of the Science and Ethics of Happiness Study Group, meeting hosted at the Casina Pio IV, Vatican City, June 6-7, 2022 

3rd May: Commento di Luciana Castellina, giá europarlamentare, storica, giornalista. Roma

22nd March: Der Appell, Tim Herudek DIE LINKE

2nd March: A Call to Dialogue of the Platform DIALOP

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