„Transversal Dialogue Project” is the meaning of the acronym DIALOP and stays for the cooperation between Christians and Leftists on intellectual, academical and political level beyond weltanschuung and believing.

“RESET” stays for Transversal Social Ethics. This is the main project of DIALOP and aims to the elaboration of jointed social ethical principals taking into consideration the Social Doctrine of the Church and the Marxist Social Critique.

Transform!europe the think tank supporting the European Lefitst Parties in the European Parliament

The Catholic Church through different institutions:

  • Sophia university institute
  • Focolare Movement

  • You look on the website for events you are interested in.
  • You propose a scientific contribution you already made or you want to make (master theses, doc- or postdoc works) on a specific topic of transversal Social Ethics.


  • Through contacting us via email.
  • Please describe your possibilities and interests.



We adopt and adapt a methodology based on a) a differentiated consensus and b) a qualified dissent

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