Position Paper

Michael Brie and Bernhard Callebaut

In Search for a Common Future in Solidarity

Joint Position Paper on the Christian-Socialist Dialogue

Vienna, March 2022 – The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which the General Assembly of the United Nations has condemned as a breach of international law and the UN Charter, has reminded us that the foundations of coexistence on our planet have become fragile. We stand in solidarity with the victims of the war and those who have fled, and we demand an end to hostilities, the withdrawal of the troops of the Russian Federation, and the beginning of honest negotiations to resolve the problems that exist between the states as parties to the dispute Long before the tragic events of the past weeks, we, representatives of the Catholic world and the European left, concerned about the ecological crisis and disturbed by social injustice, and encouraged by a conversation with Pope Francis, decided to initiate a dialogue between Marxists and Catholic Christians. ‘In search of a common future in solidarity. Only together can we be saved.’ Under this slogan we describe in the attached document – edited last Summer – the path we have travelled together so far, with the intention of presenting our common goal – , a peaceful, ecologically sustainable, and socially just world – to a broad public. We invite you, dear reader, to support our initiative with your signature. Thank you!

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